Wednesday, January 29, 2014

she's to keep to two subjects

Oklahoma Oklahoma
sweater similar here / here
Guys, it's cold. 

I always feel bad bringing up the weather here. It seems a bit obvious. A little too much like a cop-out or small talk.  But by golly, it IS cold out and the only thing I feel like being cloaked in today is a giant blankie. I suppose since I need to be out in the real world with other people, this sweater will have to do.

As for blog subject matter, if it's good enough for Eliza Doolittle....

"She's to keep to two subjects: the weather and everybody's health."

... I suppose it's good enough for me.

So, how's everybody's health?

Monday, January 27, 2014

the elusive random monday

image/recipe via wit & delight

Yesterday I traded in my lightweight long-sleeved knit for a tank top to combat the unexpected 60 degree weather. Today? Feels like -2. This return to our regularly scheduled Midwest January has me thinking about skipping yoga class tonight (again) and making this Five Ingredient Pasta instead.

I feel like the pasta would pair nicely with some freshly baked bread (I mean, if I'm skipping yoga anyways). I'm feeling inspired by Bleubird's Weekly Bread posts. So inspired, I am thinking I may need to purchase one of these La Cloche Dome Bakers since the Le Creuset French Oven isn't quite in the ol' Bianca budget.

Speaking of the cold, my lips and skin are suffering. Does anyone use EOS lip balm? I'm trying not to judge a lip balm solely on it's cute colorful packaging.

This bedroom, this bedroom, this bedroom! Seriously, I'll have what she's having.

My Lena Dunham love continues with this charming little video. How is she so cool?

This bad plant mama officially killed off all her geraniums. Bad plant mama! Perhaps I should read about these 22 hard to kill houseplants. And maybe go ahead and order some Geranium Essential Oil, you know, in case things go poorly again.

I have never ever pre-ordered a book, but when I saw The Glow (by far, one of my most favorite things on the web) was coming to print I knew it was a must have. Now I'm just waiting for April... for so many reasons. Did I mention it feels like -2 here?

Happy Monday all!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

sundays are for loveliness

wicker chair
Sundays are for white wicker peacock chairs, Downton Abbey, tea and loveliness.

Friday, December 27, 2013

home for christmas

Home for Christmas
Home for Christmas
Home for Christmas
Home for Christmas
Home for Christmas
I'm sitting in my mother's kitchen surrounded by family. Hot molasses cookies have just come out of the oven and I have been handed a steaming mug of hot cocoa. What more is there to say?

Pictures are from earlier today out on the Oklahoma plains. Home for Christmas.

Friday, October 25, 2013

just a phase

Fall Fall
I know what you must be thinking. "Bianca, are you even capable of wearing anything other than overalls, black and white stripes, and crop tops anymore?"

And I want to assure you that I am capable of wearing something other than all of those things. I just don't care to live in a world like that.

I'm sure it's just a phase...

Monday, September 9, 2013

kindred spirits

kindred spirits
kindred spirits
tank via forever 21 / bullhead jeans via pacsun / sneakers via sperry top-sider / sunglasses via ray-ban

The tap startled me just as I was about to shift the car from park into reverse. Through my driver side window I saw the source of the noise; a long curved nail painted with a graphic design and something gleaming. Perhaps a rhinestone? It was the kind of nail that made basic tasks like typing or tying a shoe impossible.

I rolled down my window and looked up into the big brown eyes of the fingernail's owner. 

"Excuse me, ma'am..." She spoke with a smile and more than a hint of an apology. Her disarming grin revealed a row of perfectly white teeth interrupted only by a prominently displayed gold tooth.

"I hate to bother you," she said, "but I just have to know... where did you get those pants!?" She annunciated each word of the question like not knowing would cause her physical pain.

I laughed aloud and directed her to her nearest Pacsun.

As I drove away, I felt an unexpected twinge of happiness. 

It was the kind of happiness that comes when you know you just met a kindred spirit.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

sundays are for loveliness

100% good
100% good
100% good
Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower Lemonade

I make spontaneous purchases based on degree of package loveliness.

I also judge books by their covers and I would probably look a gift horse in the mouth.

So what?